US Lifts Ban On Huawei, But Not Entirely

The Chinese and US trade war has been increasing in intensity since the Trump administration disallowed all companies of a United States origin to have business operations with China.

Although multiple companies have been affected by the executive order signed in May of 2019, the technology giant, Huawei, could be the affected most out of the lot. With the order in full swing, US companies such as Intel, Google, Qualcomm and many more, would not be permitted to sell their services to the tech giant who is yet to be usurped as the 2nd largest smartphone manufactures in the world. This prohibits Huawei to use the Android platform on their latest Android phones. Huawei claims that they have been preparing for an incident such as this for some time now, but still stricken with the sudden turn of events that had occurred rather quickly. If the bans continue, the tech company might lose up to $30 billion in revenue with prices dropping all around the world, including Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka. In addition, Huawei has also spoken about an unfinished Operating Software (OS) in production at the moment that would potentially substitute the Android platform offered by Google.

Like a breath of fresh air, President Trump had announced at the G20 summit that US companies can resume doing business with Huawei, stating that, Tech companies and the President of China have requested for the reprieve. However, there is a catch. US companies are only permitted to do business with Huawei, as long as it does not diminish the national security of the country. Though providing a sense of hope for the Chinese tech giant, the future is still uncertain for Huawei and the companies that could be resume business operations with the company. The Trump administration has not yet clearly defined the limits and regulations regarding the latest announcement. This has led companies uncertain of the operations that are presumed legal.

However, there is news about talks between the President of the US and China suggesting an absolute ban lift for the Chinese tech giant, permitting all business activities to be resumed. Huawei was bound to be discussed in the ongoing trade war between the US and China with implications that could alter the course of events.

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