Top Tips to Protect your Phone – From Anything!

Are you the proud owner of the latest version of smartphone? Then you will definitely want to protect you shiny new piece of technology from just about anything. And with anything this article means, scratches, dust, sunlight, grime etc. Read on for a list of accessories which will help you take excellent care of your smartphone.

  1. The Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The tempered glass screen protector is easy to install; an invaluable accessory which will help shield your phone from scratches, dust and cracks. This should be one of the first accessories you purchase on acquiring a smartphone; easy to purchase from online stores such as Phonepola the tempered glass protector comes tailor-made to suit your phone type. The screen protector can even be used to protect the cracked screen of your phone, holding the cracked glass in place until you manage to get it repaired.

  1. The Body Case

Once you get your phone set up with a good quality screen saver; shop around for a sturdy phone case. If you are looking to buy phones online, Sri Lanka has a number of online stores which not only offer great deals on smartphones but also stock-up on a range of accessories. A sturdy phone case will keep all angles of your phone safe from sudden, falls, scratches and heat. Make sure your phone is kept covered from direct heat; shield it from sunlight, you can do so by having it in your pocket, handbag or satchel. Remember the likelihood of a warm phone falling and getting damaged is much higher.

  1. Get Yourself a Classy Phone Dock

Browse around and pick-up a stylish looking phone dock, which you can keep on your night stand as a permanent charging station. Having the dock on your nightstand means you don’t have to charge the phone on your bed. It’s a much safer method which not only protects you, but the phone as well, since the likelihood of you turning onto the phone and cracking it or causing the phone to fall off the bed and crack are eradicated.

  1. Get a Micro-fibre Cloth to Clean Your Phone

Cleaning your phone with a micro-fibre cloth is recommended; choose this over napkins, or any cleaning solutions you may have. When using a micro-fibre cloth rub the screen in circular motions to gently clean the grime. Regular cleaning of the screen is necessary, especially for protecting screen patterns or numbered screen locks, as over time it’s possible that the imprints will remain on your screen making it easy for outside sources with access to your phone, to decipher the codes from the fingerprints left on the screen.

  1. Get Yourself a Universal Charging Dock

A universal charging dock will keep your phone from sliding around or even falling when in the car. Get one that keeps your phone at eye level, thus enabling you to see the screen without compromising on safety.

  1. Invest in a Good Dry Bag

Amongst the fab smartphone accessories available online in Sri Lanka, the dry bag is a pretty good piece of equipment; especially when enjoying island vibes. The perfect accessory to keep your phone safe when taking on boating safaris, beach trips or excursions across rivers and waterfalls; with your phone safely ensconced in a dry bag you can take it underwater for those fabulous photos.

  1. The Dry Pouch

If you need more room to keep all your equipment dry, during any water based excursions or even days by the pool, shop around for a good quality dry pouch. Remember you must never be frugal on the purchase of such accessories go for quality over price, since they will be responsible for keeping your expensive techy devises safe. A dry pouch is the perfect partner for packing a bunch of gadgets you need to keep dry and sand free. Best of all the good dry bags will stay afloat in the event you drop it in the water.

  1. Charge and Back-up Data

There are phone chargers like the MEEM charger which backs up your data every time you plug it in to charge. The perfect answer for those of you who forget to regularly back-up phone data; this piece of accessory will be an invaluable asset for times you lose data.

  1. Tag and Tile your Phone

This is a marvellous devise which helps you keep tabs on your phone. The Tile Mate Bluetooth finder can be attached to your key-ring and works with the aid of the Tile App to record the last location of your phone, making it easy to look for it. You can even use the tile itself to locate your phone by merely pushing the button and causing your phone to ring.

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