The New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Here’s what we know so far

The smartphone calendar is yet to pick up steam with flagship devices being released by some of the best-known tech companies in the world.

In this regard, Samsung is gearing up to announce their latest addition to the Galaxy Note series with its Note 10. The new Galaxy would feature the latest Android tech, the best processors, screen technology, camera technology and so much more.

It has become common knowledge that every year, since the inception of the first Galaxy Note, Samsung has been releasing updated iterations of the Note series. Once a year, technology enthusiasts come together for the official announcement of the smartphone and to learn the capabilities of this new device. In recent times, the company and a few trusted sources have released information of the flagship, about the specifications and the features of the device. So, here’s what we know so far…

How many models can we expect?

The Note series has been known to release one phone every year. Now, however, Samsung has planned to release four Galaxy Note phones. The phones being a Galaxy Note 10, a Galaxy Note 10+ and a 5G variant of the two. While this is still unofficial information, there are high possibilities that this may very well be true. The unannounced smartphones look similar in appearance, so, you don’t have to worry about your choice of style.

How would they look?

With the release of the S10 series, Samsung has been experimenting on bezel-less screen technology in several ways. This is what Samsung dubs the infinity display. A hole-punch display, adopted in the S10 series would find its way to the Note phones as well, only differing with the position of the front-facing camera. The Galaxy Note 10 would feature a 6.3-inch screen, while the bigger Galaxy Note 10+ would feature a 6.7-inch screen. Fitted with the best screens in the market, Samsung’s AMOLED technology, a sufficient battery and incredibly sleek appearance, the smartphone is sure to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing phones ever made by Samsung.

Turn the phone over and you will find the three rear cameras, featuring a primary lens, a telephoto lens and a wide lens for all the wide shots you’ve dreamed of shooting. The specifications of the camera not entirely clear, but these are the most likely choices for the flagship.

Unfortunately, there have been rumours about the absence of a headphone jack. Note fans would be displeased with their choice, but this also means an opportunity for a bigger battery inside the smartphones.

How much would the phones cost?

The price of the Note 10 is expected to be priced at the $1000 range while the Note 10+ would cost a bit more. International prices are yet to be announced.

The new Samsung phones in Sri Lanka is sure to create a buzz within the technological sphere of the country. With such powerful devices in our hands, the possibilities of creating and developing seem exciting and endless.

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