The iPadOS – Apple iPad gets a new OS!

The iPad gets its own OS! How awesome is that! Apple proudly announced a range of new iOS 13 features, as well as, its latest mobile technology in the new iPad, launched at the WWDC 2019 held recently in San Jose.

The iPad, an established leader in the market, is loved for its distinct experience with powerful apps and a convenient ‘Multi-Touch’ display where intuitive actions make multi-tasking on an Apple iPad simple with the drag and drop feature. Now, consider all this and more as you await the new Apple iPadOS!

While keeping an eye-out for the latest Apple iPhones and iPads to hit the market in Sri Lanka by browsing the range at Phonepola, let’s learn more about the all new Apple iPadOS.

All New Updates for the Apple iPadOS

The iPad which is Apples leading tablet, now equipped with iOS 13 features, will take your user experience to new levels with the following enhancements:

Users can now run manifold commands on the same app via a tab view, which is based on the already existing split view feature. The new option allows users to detach these windows and even move them to other locations on the iPadOS desktop. Imagine multi-tasking on a whole new level, allowing you to work in intuitive new ways. You can immediately see all the open spaces from one app with a simple touch of the icon.

  • The new home screen looks at eliminating unwanted space, by increasing the display icons density. The home screen has also been fitted with widgets, which would otherwise be in the notification hub; they can expand and be used in combination with other apps. Plus, you can now have all your favourite apps ready to view on ‘slide-over’.
  • The Apple Pencil integration too has been enhanced, with its latency dropping from 20ms to 9ms that you no longer even notice the hesitation. The Apple Pencil and its versatility needs no introduction; it’s a remarkable tool for taking notes, marking items and precision drawing. Hence, the lower latency means your experience using the Apple Pencil is no different to a real one. All you need is imagination to take its many uses to new heights.
  • Tool Palette gets a facelift plus some new ‘tools’. The palette can be resized and even moved to other locations.
  • Mark-up a full page: You can now get a screenshot of an entire e-mail, web page, document etc.
  • Text editing: All you iPad users out there, know how easy the Multi-Touch feature is; the all-new iPadOS takes this ease to a whole new level where you can edit text with a simple touch of your fingers. Simply use your fingers to copy, undo, paste and much more. You can now use your finger to select the text you want to edit, drag the cursor to any point in the text and, here’s the best part, select an entire paragraph with four taps, a sentence with just three taps of the finger and word by simply double-tapping!
  • An all-new keyboard: iPad on-screen keyboard has always been handy in case you need to take notes or reply to an e-mail. There is also a smart keyboard when you need a physical keyboard. The iPadOS, of course, offers some slick new features on the keyboard. There’s the ‘floating keyboard’ for instance; simply tap to shrink and move it around, making space for more apps and one-handed use. You can even type by simply swiping from one letter to another.
  • Safari navigation is much faster and easier with a range of physical keyboard shortcuts being added
  • Get creative: The iPadOS now offers users a chance to improve on their creativity when designing a new webpage or document with a range of beautiful fonts available for download at the Apple App Store. Custom fonts will help you express your personality via documents created on your iPadOS.
  • Better file management: The new File app featured in iPadOS gives you better file management; you will find a range of ways you can view, work on and even share files on Apples latest iPad.
  • External hard drives are added: The iPadOS now lets you connect USB drives, an external hard drive and SD card while the File Server allows you to connect to your home PC or even server direct from the Files app.
  • The Web at your fingertips: Browsing the internet is an all-new experience. Safari, with a range of new features on the iPadOS, now offers you desktop-like browsing experience. You will be able to open desktop versions of all web pages when viewing apps such as Google docs, WordPress and Squarespace.

All these features plus the new Dark Mode style on the iPadOS not only gives the device a dramatic and elegant appearance but makes using it easy on the eyes – amazing! Check out Sri Lanka’s leading online mobile phone stores for when the iPadOS arrives.

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