Exciting Uses of Projectors that Will Surprise You

Do you own a projector or are you considering getting one? Even if you are not a fan of watching movies a projector has many family uses and is a handy piece of equipment to own. This article looks at all the amazing uses a high-tech projector has.

The Most Awesome Benefits of Owning a Projector

A projector has some pretty good basic uses; you can watch your favourite movies or TV shows on a large screen or even play video games in a lifelike setting; all this apart though, a projector has some other benefits which are hard to beat; listed below are a few.

  • A Projector is more awesome than a TV – The modern high-end projectors available in the market today offer excellent resolution on images almost 3 times the size of a smart TV at a much cheaper price. The viewing angle too is excellent with very good clarity.
  • 3D Images are super – The top smart projectors available in the market today offer images which are much clearer than a television with a flat screen offers. Best of all you can easily buy online the latest versions; for the best projectors in Sri Lanka check out Phonepola or other online stores.
  • Enjoy convenient portability – the high-tech projectors available online today are lightweight and portable, hence you can easily transport one for that office meeting, school project or even to a friend’s house for a spend-the day. Movie nights too could be planned at any location you like.
  • You can bring the ‘movies’ to your house – owning a projector with great resolution and clarity can help you enjoy that cinema experience at home; minus, of course, the costs for tickets and all those snacks!
  • Take gaming to a new level – owning a projector means your home can turn into a gaming centre; enjoy an experience like never before by playing video games via your projector.

The Best things you can do with a Projector

If you own a projector with an excellent resolution, you can go beyond watching movies or playing games. Listed are a few fab points you must not be aware of:

  • A projector makes bedtime fun! – Make bedtime really special by hooking up your kids favourite digital book to your projector; a feature which enables everyone to enjoy the fairy-tale, magic and excitement of the story. Or you could use the projector to create the night sky on your children’s ceiling; whether you decide to lie down next to them and point out the constellations or let them discover the stars while slowly drifting off to sleep, the projector will be a great aid at bedtime.
  • You can create masterpieces of art – projectors are widely used today to create certain types of art. You can attach a sheet of paper to the wall and project your child’s silhouette against it; copied onto the paper it makes a great life-size image. Or project a pattern onto a wall or paper, to create an intricate typographic piece of art work.
  • Organise your own trivia night – if you own a projector you could use an app for digital trivia games and organise a fun night with family and friends. Even if trivia quizzes are not your thing you can look at the option of an action packed karaoke night!

Light Up your House

Owning a projector means you don’t have to climb the roof or hang streams of lights along the walls of your house. Simply use your projector to project images onto your house. Snowflakes and sledges at Christmas, ghost, ghouls and witches when its Halloween etc. the list is endless and the only change of décor you need to do, is to the image you project onto the walls.

Enjoy Night Swimming

Night swimming while being thoroughly enjoyable, can be given a boost with the aid of your projector. You can project images of whales, coral, fish and sand to the base of your swimming pool to make your night swim more enjoyable.

In fact folks, you can set your creativity free with the many uses of a projector. Whether it’s to show a simple set of nostalgic slides at a wedding or birthday party or even watch your wedding hashtag streams live via Twitter or Facebook, a projector will always bring in more thrills and fun. So, get online and start shopping for the type of projector that fits into your lifestyle.

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