5 Reasons to Have a Dash Cam in Your Car

Security is a burning concern now and more people want to feel a sense of security over anything else. Now that technology has allowed us to attach security systems anywhere and everywhere, monitoring our surroundings is not the most demanding task.

Monitoring something as valuable as your vehicle, dashboard cameras or widely called dash cams, are becoming more prevalent than ever. Attached as reserve dash cams or forward, to your preference, they help you protect your car while you are away or record incidents that happen frequently on the road. Here are a few reasons why you need a dash cam in your vehicle right now.

Video Evidence of Accidents

Dash cams are designed to begin recording once the vehicle is turned on. If you happen be involved in an accident and not at fault, the recorded real-time video from your dash cam can prove your innocence to the authorities. It is most likely that the other person involved in the accident would blame your actions, but your footage would show them otherwise, saving you all the trouble you might have to go through.

Record Crimes

A few cameras in the market like the MI 70 mai Smart Dashcam, has an inbuilt motion sensor to begin recording once the sensor is triggered on your parked car. This feature could help you record crimes or parking accidents, car grazes and other unfortunate incidents at almost any time during the day or night. With the recorded video, you could figure out the car that caused the accident or a crime that occurred near your vehicle.

Capture Rare Events

Dash cams were bought in thousands when the meteor crashed into a little town in Russia. Capturing rare events like these can be done with ease when you have a dash cam attached to your windscreen. Besides, you could record accidents on the road or other unfortunate vehicles to help the victims through the necessary means.

Prevent Vandalism

Owning a vehicle, there’s nothing more frustrating than a vandalism on your car when it’s innocently parked. With the dash cam, you will have a clear recording of the incident unfolding right by your car. Show it to the authorities and you can bring the person vandalising your car to justice.

Avoid Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies are relentless when proving an accident wrong or looking for justice. There are a few people who attempt to cheat the system and demand money from the victim of the accident. You can prove your innocence and claim fair insurance from the recorded video on the dash cam.

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