4 Advantages Of Projectors For Home Entertainment

Better eye health has got to be the best advantage of having a home projector. But that’s not the only benefit a projector has over a big screen TV. There are many and, in this article, we look at the advantages of projectors for home entertainment.

The era of movies being screened at cinemas and TV shows on the television is passed. With online streaming, we have an unlimited supply of new movies and TV shows on a daily basis. Which we can view from home. Well then, why not create your own home theatre system with the latest smart projector?

And while a large screen TV will look impressive in your family room, there are some cutting edge projectors for sale at Phonepola that will take your home entertainment system to bigger and better heights!

But first, let’s look at the advantages of owning a home projector.

The Advantage Of A Home Projector Is You Can Customise The Size Of The Screen

There is no set place for a projector to be, unlike the television, images from a projector can be screened on any flat surface. Oh, and it’s not strictly necessary to have a specially painted whitewall or pull-down screen for your projector. You can decide on the size of your screen too!

Unlike with a TV, you don’t have to keep changing the entire set according to your needs, the screen size of a projector is not permanent, it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Let’s take the XGIMI CC Aurora Dark Knight Smart Projector with JBL Sounds, for example, this handy piece of technology is all you need for now and the future. Autofocus and a crisp JBL sound system will take your entertainment to new levels. Modern equipment like the Aurora Dark Knight projector even boasts keystone correction and can travel with you thanks to an exquisite carry bag; now consider how many times have you packed up your large screen TV and taken it around to friends or on vacation?

Huge Images Are Another Advantage Of Smart Projectors

How many times have you been watching a movie on your TV and wished the screen was larger? Well, with a smart projector entertainment system you can really bring that movie to life, by increasing the size of the images.

It’s simple really, the further the projector is from the screen the larger the image is; hence you can look at impressive 150 inches or even a 200-inch screen! Ready to dive right into your favorite movie! You’ve got your own cinema at home.

Eye Comfort Is A Great Advantage You Get From A Smart Projector

You know how at an eye test it’s always easier to read the larger numbers or letters than the smaller ones? Well, the same theory applies to a projector, the larger images are better to watch and easier on the eye than a TV screen.

Besides, projected images are considered more soothing to the eye than emitted light and images, which is what you get from television. Also, looking at larger images causes less eye strain, than trying to focus on a smaller image.

Enjoy The Compact Size Advantage Of A Smart Projector

Today size and versatility are all the rage when it comes to technology. Similar to your smartphone which is sleek and compact enough to fit into your pocket, a projector can be easily carried around as and when you need it. You can’t carry a TV around, much less try picking it up with one hand.

But a smart projector, which comes with a snazzy carry case can be taken around. The screen depends on the space available, and the projector is not fussy about where you store it. When not in use, simply put it away. You don’t have to reserve a special spot or wall to hang up or display your projector. Can entertainment get any simpler?

A Smart Projector Is Portable

This point has already been established, but to summarise the advantages; a projector is lightweight and easy to transport- take it to a family gathering, kids party, friend’s dinner, etc.

A smart projector is so compact that its perfect for those warm evenings when you plan a barbeque outside and decide to make it a movie night!

A smart projector is compact and not cumbersome to carry around!

Last But Not Least A Smart Projector Is Value For Money

While smart projectors come under various price ranges the ‘cost to benefit’ ration is quite impressive. While televisions too are available within similar price ranges the benefits and long term usage of a smart projector greatly outweigh the use and functionality of a smart TV technology.

We are looking at;

  • Lowest cost by screen inch
  • Lower cost: benefit ration
  • And the best value for money home theatre system you can buy, which will not become obsolete for a long, long time

Are you ready to upgrade your home theatre system?

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